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The goal of 21st Century CARES is to show how giving a strong factual one hour program to students from grades 5-12 can truly make a noticeable difference in their decision making once adults. We give you EVERYTHING you need to accomplish this.

















Our Children Await. (Dogs and Cats are dying for you to get involved)

                                          ~By Randy N. Warner

I was once told that we can never expect to win the game until all teammates play the game by the same rules. It certainly holds true in the animal welfare/protection argument. We can put a man on the moon, place a robotic rover on mars, cure diseases in record time and win wars in under 100 days. We have the marketing prowess to change human behavior around the world with incredible success, but we can't or won't get together in one movement to clearly inform the masses of the importance of spay and neutering or proper care of their dogs and cats.

21st Century CARES has implemented a model program in instructing youth about humanitarian treatment of our beloved companion animals. This solid, ONE HOUR - HARD HITTING program primarily moves to reach all students in grades 5-12 and targets troubled and at risk teens by introducing students to rescued companion dogs. It delivers a comprehensive and innovative programs that help with empathy, understanding compassion and their responsibility toward animals, and by extension, other human beings. In other words, reducing bullying. Studies show that students who involve themselves in courses such as these have improved attendance, higher test scores and tend to adopt a less violent conflict resolution technique.

21st Century CARES partners with the courts and public school systems to reach out in a creative way to young people who are in need of positive role models and productive ways to channel their energies. We also assist animal protection organizations and parent groups with implementing humane education for their local communities. We help local communities to implement their own customized humane education organizations. We know we cannot depend on the larger organizations to correct these problems. The large groups get their money whether they do keep their promises or not. As long as they convince those who don't know any better, they continue to receive donations by the millions and even billions.... and they will survive.

With all those billions of dollars we've given and nearly 50 years to do it, they have not shown American residents, corporations and local governments that they will see personal as well as financial benefits by working to solve these issues. They have not stopped backyard or puppy-mill breeding, stopped dog fighting lowered the level of abuse in our inner city or suburbia neighborhoods. They have not insisted that the courts enforce the laws already on the books. And by no means has this generation been stellar at teaching compassion.

The outrageous amount of unnecessary bloodshed Americans levy against millions of happy, healthy dogs annually is the elephant in the room!! Clearly the larger animal protection organizations are not going to solve this problem - none even have any 'boots on the ground' staff nor volunteers to assist in the education of our current or future decision makers - even though we've given them many BILLIONS of dollars over the past 50 yrs as they continued to make promises they knew they would never keep. 21st Century CARES is dedicated to supporting animal welfare, operating rescue facilities for domesticated animals and teaching humane education to our young leaders of tomorrow. This website offers pages and pages of lesson plans, research results, project suggestions and even humane religion, we help you implement your own local and customized programs to keep this idea alive.

At some point in time, we must all make the decision to stop exhausting our energies and resources that place their focus on only cleaning up yesterday's mess (rescue efforts) and to decide we want to see solutions that will protect the millions and billions animals yet to be born. The animals who exist today are just a tiny percentage of those to be born over the next decade/century. Paying excessive attention to those who suffer today is condemning millions more yet to be born, the same fate - and yet another blow to the already failing animal welfare and animal rights ultimate goals. We must not lose prospective of our collective goals. We must expand our horizons to choose those campaigns that help us accomplish the most in saving innocent lives. We can't begin to win the game if only part of the team understands the rules. These animals are DYING for humans to work smarter - not harder!!! Education is the ONLY means of accomplishing this!!
















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