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Against Dog Fighting
People Helping Dogs In Trouble
Updated June, 2004

The American Pit Bull Terrier was once considered a family pet.
During World War I, an APBT was used to represent the United States on a propaganda poster.
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"It's not a Rottweiler problem or a pit bull problem," said Randall Lockwood, the Humane Society's vice president for research and educational outreach.

"It's a people problem.

During the 1930's and 40's, every kid who watched the Lil' Rascals wanted a dog just like "Pete the pup" who was an APBT.
(Before Petey starred with the Lil' Rascals, he was Buster Brown's dog Tige)

Helen Keller had one. So did Fred Astaire.
"The subject is Pit Bulls, the guests of honor at a Pit Bull Reunion Day at the shelter. Wagging tails, licking faces, rolling on their backs to be petted — these friendly, intelligent dogs were the absolute antithesis of the stereotype that persists about them.
Elmsford Animal Shelter

Dogs, throughout time, have taken on a wide variety of legendary titles and roles.  The Boston Terrier, small, friendly and considered a wonderfully gentle pet for families and even many senior citizens began it's role in the world as the first dog bred SPECIFICALLY for pit fighting - fighting to the death in violent rings for the enjoyment of humans.

Though, most people today view German Shepherds as safe family dogs, which they are also,  they began by being fierce protection dogs during world war I and have shown their strong protective nature.

In the late 60's and 70's there were two Hollywood movies depicting the doberman pincer as a ferocious and unpredictable dog with an uncontrollable behavior that would offer serious injuries or kill at will and with no warning.  By the 21st Century, it should be clear to everyone that although each breed is specific in many qualities and traits, the end result of any given breed as a pet, a service dog, a guide dog,  a dog for search and rescue or simply a happy, loving and protective companion, is solely on it's own individual upbringing - much like other animals including humans.

This is where humane education comes into play for this particular subject matter.  We wish to clearly show the human race that it's not the particular nor individual breed that should be feared or shunned nor faulted, but the humans who, through ignorance and irresponsibility would exploit these innocent animals for sport or pleasure and then allow them to take the blame for what the humans had caused.  The sign of a truly weak and shallow minded human being.


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3-Year-Old Boy Found Dead Next to Pit Bull
. Jan. 14, 2003
A 3-year-old boy reported missing from his home was later found near death next to a pit bull  in a neighboring field behind the family's home.   Authorities would not confirm how the child sustained his injuries or that a dog attacked him, but Sheriff Larry Rollins said Wednesday that he had "trauma to the body."

Upon further investigation, it was learned that two other boys from nearby, ages 5 and 7, were playing in the wooded area next to the field with their pet pit bull 'Buddy' when the three year old invited himself to join in.   According to the two older boys who survived, a man approached them and made several attempts to lure them into his truck.  The boys refused and the man grabbed the three year old by the neck when the pit bull fought off the attacker and stayed with the dying three year old as his protector. The 5 and 7 year olds were frightened and at home.  They told officials they just assumed the 3 year old was home safe, since Buddy was so good with kids.   When the sheriff found the pair, saw the boy's body next to a pit bull, his first and only ''assumption' was to kill the  'vicious dog'' who, in his mind had probably committed this horrible act.  That is when he shot the dog several times in the head and upper body.

The child's mother said he wandered from home around 4:30 p.m. and that she called 911 to report him missing about two hours later.. A responding officer found the body shortly before 8 p.m. , authorities said. "He was found right there next to the woods with the pit bull, growling and obviously determined to keep us away!," Rollins said.  

"There was no good reason for the deputy to shoot the dog without making any attempt to asess the matter at all.  He was a 7 year old male who just adored the children in the neighborhood.  This would not have happened had it been any other breed of dog, but due to people's ignorance of this breed, he's now dead!'' she screamed.   It is now clear that the injuries the young 3 year old suffered were strangulation marks around his neck from the male adult attacker and that the only reason the chld was even alive was for the noble and fearless actions of the pet pit bull Buddy - now dead.

The 3 year old boy, Timmy Rollins is still hospitalized, but expected to fully recover.  He has not been told of the dogs death.

"All the kids of the neighborhood loved Buddy'' said Mrs. Waldon, a neighbor.  They would dress him up,  play ball with him and take him to the river with them. This is truly a sad day."

The Rollins family has contacted an attorney and several neighborhood families have joined with them to file charges against the sheriff's dept for the wrongful death of their pet.  A spokesperson for the neighborhood action committee said they plan to ask for a large sum, which, if awarded will be totally donated to the local school district for humane education using what else, but a pit bull as the mascot.


Dog Helps Youngster to Safety
A 3-year-old black and white pit bull resembling Pete the Pup from the 1940s "Little Rascals" shows grabbed the back of a girl's jacket and helped her out of a burning home Thursday night. After 6-year-old Autumn Marley alerted her mother that the Nordale Road home where they were staying was on fire, the dog--also named Marley, by coincidence--grabbed the girl as she struggled to get out the back door of the burning house and helped her to safety, said the dog's owner, Jennifer Ingram. "She's always been an awesome dog, but I didn't know she was capable to doing this," Ingram said of Marley, who she raised from a pup.


Demo Dog & Family Fired Upon by Oakland Cop

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On September 3rd, 2003, during a routine stop to take a mugging victim's statement, Oakland Police Officer James Smith stepped inside the courtyard of a crowded apartment complex, and without warning, opened fire. His target was one of BAD RAP's finest demonstration dogs - Rupert. The bullet missed Rupert, ricocheted off the pavement, bounced off an awning and seared through the apartment building's wall, stopping just two feet away from a four month old infant. The child is the daughter of BR's co-founder Amber Niewold.
Source & Story   badrap.org

Cop Shooting at Dog Almost Hits Baby
Television & Video   KRON.com

"While we sympathize with officers who have had bad experiences with dogs in the field, we find it unconscionable that the OPD is using an example of the Jones incident involving a helpless little boy and a drug dealer's defective guard dogs to justify this outrageous use of firearms against demo-dog Rupert in a crowded apartment building. We can only hope that the investigation into this shooting is thorough and fair. Please help us ask that Smith be held accountable for his actions. Many thanks."



"BAD RAP has received its 501c3 status from the IRS as of today! (5/21/03)
We'd like to think that the letter was mailed out on the day of the lunar eclipse.
A most auspicious 'birthday' for our pit bull group.
As always, thank you for believing in us!"
Donna Reynolds @ Badrap.org


"Last January, the death of Patton, a bulldog/boxer mix, in Cookeville, TN, shocked the nation. The friendly family dog died needlessly after being shot by a police officer. His human family was mistakenly stopped when officers noticed money flying from the vehicle--it was later found that the driver had accidentally left his wallet on the roof. During the stop, Patton ran up to the officers with a wagging tail; tragically, he was killed with a shotgun.
To ensure that this never happens again, a new video is available to help officers correctly "read" a dog's behavior and avoid using excessive force. Produced by Ron Barber of "IN THE LINE OF DUTY," the 23-minute training video is designed exclusively for law enforcement officers; it also features animal control officers plus ASPCA staff members. For more information, or to order this video for your police department, visit In the Line of Duty or call (800) 462-5232
Thanks to Peregolise.com


Rappers Promote Pit Bull Breeding
MTV.com currently features a despicable video segment about Outkast rapper Big Boi’s pit bull breeding farm, “Pitt Falls.” If Big Boi’s “special lesson in pit bulls” doesn’t shock you, the narrator will when he claims that fellow rapper DMX and others “love their pit bulls like family.” Last year, DMX pleaded guilty to 13 counts of animal cruelty for keeping 13 pit bulls, most of them in cages or crates, in his garage and basement, which were filled with feces and flies and reeked of urine. Although Big Boi tries to come off as a doting dad while showing off his “top-producing bitches,” it’s obvious that he thinks of them as nothing more than puppy machines. They are hooked to a fence with short, heavy chains and sit on concrete with no food, water, or shade in sight. Their ears are cut almost down to the bone—the “fighting crop”—to prevent dogs’ ears from being bitten off in fights. “We take care of our animals,” says Big Boi, pointing to the row of cages that he calls the “Courtyard Marriott in the woods.” When the narrator asks about the breed’s “bad rap,” Big Boi responds, “Poodles bite more than pit bulls on a yearly basis”—a claim belied by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that reveals “pit bull-type dogs were involved in approximately a third of human DBRF (dog bite-related fatalities)” over a 12-year period.
Please take MTV to task for promoting the breeding of pit bulls and, by association, dogfighting. Contact:
Jane Sangster, Executive Producer
MTV News
1515 Broadway, 23rd Fl.
New York, NY 10036-8901
Tel.: 212-258-8830
Fax: 212-258-8844
E-Mail: jane.sangster@mtv.com


Cesar Millan
Dog Whisperer
Los Angeles, CA   “There are no killer dogs!” cites Cesar Millan, a noted “dog whisperer” who has operated the Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles for the past eight years. Millan, who specializes in caring for dogs noted for their strong and dominant breed, such as Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and German Shepherds, contends that dogs are not born killers, nor do they choose to be killers. He asserts that what we are seeing in the news with the recent rash of canine violence, is the tragic outcome to humans who own, but do not know how to properly fulfill the needs of man’s best friend. Millan does not employ the popular “choke chain” method used by most trainers. His holistic approach toward dealing with the animal has astounded and amazed more than a few. Unique to Millan’s methodology is his “Power of the Pack” mentality. Most dog psychologist relate with one dog at a time, whereas Millan teaches in packs. Incredibly, he socializes all-male packs of Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and German Shepherds to live together harmoniously. “We can prevent dog attacks by understanding dog psychology. Dog owners, the public and especially the professionals charged with issues of public safety, can definitely learn to live harmoniously with canines through proper care and communication with the animal. I have proven that this is indeed true,” asserts Millan.    To reach Cesar Millan at the Dog Psychology Center of LA call 323-235-3431

San Francisco Examiner   03/03/2002
When Dogs In Charge, Humans Need Beware
Dog Whisperer


Pit Bull Project
"A non-profit organization dedicated to placing adoptable American Pit Bull and American Staffordshire Terriers in suitable homes; educating the public about the selection, care, and training of these breeds; promoting responsible ownership practices by providing rescue and training resources."
Pit Bull Project
5044 Wilson Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98118

Villalobos Rescue Center
"Villalobos Rescue Center is a rescue, rehabilitation and placement facility for abused and abandoned Pit Bulls. Here nestled in the hills of the high desert, those who have suffered in silence will never hear another gun shot or the siren of a pursuing police car. Every night they will fall asleep to the yipping of coyotes and the soothing hoot of the owl. They are safe and content. The only thing missing is a home of their own. Please help us to help them."
P.O. Box 1544, Canyon Country, CA 91386
(661) 268-0555

Working Pit Bulls
Diane Jessup's Informational Pit Bull Site
offering common sense information about the pit bulldog.
"This is an informational site. I do not sell dogs. I consider myself an ethical person and the huge surplus of unwanted pit bulls needing homes right now precludes me from adding more to the problem. I support the adoption of rescue dogs."
Diane Jessup