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We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. In return, dogs give us their all. It may well be the best deal man has ever made"
                                                              M. Facklam

With so many humans abusing, neglecting and ignoring the needs of their dogs, it's questionable if  mankind is capable of  keeping his end of this deal.

We offer two flash intros for the coalition efforts. --

In an effort to learn more, grow more, share more and even do more, a growing number of international organizations - all with 'tomorrows' in the goals - are joining together to improve the lives of our companion animals through helping  other organizations and individuals to become even more successful and to   reach their goals by supporting humane education, litigation efforts, legislation and stress the importance of voting. .

is an article which clearly outlines the basis for our coalitions' initial formation and efforts.

The primary goal of the coalition is to more effectively reach the mainstream on Animal Protection issues, which can help to change our perceptual view of animals to one that is more responsible and protective of animals. as well as offering assistance to any group or individual who should make a request.




an example of how we would prefer to see the movement honestly address the issues at hand. Comparitive Press Releases.

We recognize that there are many views on how this should be accomplished and welcome all new ideas.  In the belief that huge benefits can be received from the sharing of ideas, suggestions, examples, resources and contacts, and ultimately finding new avenues to explore or 'thinking outside the box', the coalition hopes to help galvanize the energies, efforts and shared ideals of the massive numbers of people and organizations involved in Animal Protection without sacrificing organizational and individual diversity.

Finally, the coalition believes that cooperative efforts will help to better address the tragic irony of our being veritable masters of marketing in this country, with capabilities that frequently affect, shape and change human behavior to an almost miraculous degree, yet consistently fail to “market” fully valuing and protecting the animals. Animals not only share this planet with us as separate individuals with their own needs and interests, but are part of a web-of-life interdependency that is indispensable to the continued existence of the human species and the very future of the planet.