Sample Introductory Letter To Schools  (for you to copy and use)


Name                                                                                                January 15, 2004
Superintendent of Clark County Schools
Las Vegas Nevada
RE: Introduction of a new program for your schools
Dear Name:

I am writing to you to ask for ten minutes of your time. I would like to introduce a program for your schools that has been successfully implemented in 11 states. The program is for students grades 5-12 in the areas of humane, social and economic responsibility through relating to health and welfare of companion animals. This 7 year old program has been featured in People Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Las Vegas Sun and The New York Post. The message to the audiences is the leadership and advocacy in cultivating a more compassionate society through knowledge and responsibility. It promotes innovative approaches to protecting each other and to facilitate leadership development among students. It fosters ideas for tomorrow’s decision makers to find innovative approaches to problem solving by adopting a less violent conflict resolution technique.

The program is often introduced into the local curriculum as a part of the guidance counselor program. It falls under the violence interception heading. I have given this program to all 8 western states within the past 2 years. It encompasses issues surrounding humane education, involving the students in community service projects and reviews the importance of voting in our society.

Much research has been done to document animal cruelty as a strong predictor of parallel behavior toward humans. The FBI considers cruelty to animals a red flag when profiling suspects a warning of more violent tendencies. Histories of serial killers — the Boston Strangler, Son of Sam, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and even the children involved in the Columbine school shooting — include animal abuse. This has also been shown in studies of domestic violence, child and spousal abuse. Abusers often threaten, torture, or kill family pets. It is a well-known fact that criminal mentality stems from a lack of compassion or empathy for the victim. This mentality, in which the victim is seen as an object with no feeling or value, is called "objectification", and is usually learned during childhood .

Sometimes, the child himself may be the victim of objectification. However, the message may be more subtle through the cruel treatment of a family pet. As a result, these children begin to lash out. Often innocent animals become the early targets of children as the children begin to show this learned objectification.

One of the board members of 21st Century CARES,  Dr. Jeanette Shutay Ph,.d. wrote an article titled ‘The Importance Of Humane Education" and it has gained substantial recognition and approval. It can be viewed at 

The fees for this program are obtained from various state and federal programs. We do ask for basic expenses for our time and printing costs - usually ranging from $25 - 35 per day - not per class or presentation. (meaning that multiple presentations are available for the single day cost of $25-35) We can visit several schools in a single day. Those costs can be reduced if the individual teachers provide the copies of five pages for each student.  An additional $50 is required if overnighting.

We hold their attention throughout the initial 45 min presentation by including several dogs. Each dog is certified for this endeavor by objective, established behavioral programs. They have traveled to Washington, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico and Denver in the past year to speak to students and youth groups. They have also visited numerous senior centers, cancer facilities and appeared on a variety of TV shows. This educational program is also very valuable with troubled teens and at risk youth..  Is just one of many reviews in newspapers regarding our nationwide tour. The program can begin as soon as you feel approve our visits.


Randy N. Warner
21st Century CARES