Free Pet Adoptions for Seniors

Another great idea for helping place dogs in good homes.
Improves seniorís lives. Saves animalsí lives. Cost reductions.
Positive publicity for group who organizes and for all companies who donate to help with the success.

More and more humane organizations are proud to sponsor a program that encourages senior citizens to adopt senior pets. Seniors for Seniors enables people 65 years and older to adopt a dog or cat that is 8 years or older from their local Humane Society for free. 

Play With Rover Each Day and Keep the Blues Away
Quiet and tired, the seventy-year-old woman watched children playing outside her window. But when her 7-year-old shepherd mix put his head in her lap, she smiled and told him bring her his ball. It has long been known that animals soothe the elderly. They may also promote health, psychological well being and social interaction. Although many of the health benefits people get from their pets can be attributed to the power of touch, the practical benefit of taking a dog for a walk encourages owners to get up and exercise.

According to a 1996 study by the American Veterinary Medical Association, only 10% of older singles owned cats and 20% owned dogs. Among retired couples, 16% owned cats and 20% owned dogs. One reason for these low numbers is that seniors generally have less discretionary income than other groups. Mindful of these facts and studies, the growing number of local humane organizations are taking another step to reduce euthanasia and increase the adoptions of older animals through our Seniors for Seniors program. Like all dogs and cats, each animal will receive an initial health check, vaccinations and will be spayed or neutered.

You are welcome to visit the animals anytime. Maybe youíll find your best friend.
Please read Before You Adopt for our adoption hours and policies, and come into our shelter to see the Senior pets we have available.